An Expert "East Dallas Lawn Care Service Near Me" Guide: Tips To Fix Waterlogged Lawn 

After a rainy day when evaluating your East Dallas lawn services or North Dallas lawn care services, it's normal to have a soft and wet lawn. However, if standing water is present, it can be problematic for your yard's health, which may necessitate a search for professional lawn service near me, such as an Oak lawn lawn care service or a Preston Hollow lawn care service. A professional East Dallas lawn care service, like Premier Dallas Landscaping, can help you with the reasons for water pooling, how to fix it, and can make sure you don't need to search for another Lakewood lawn care service near me or Vickery Meadow lawn maintenance service near me, ever again.

Reasons for Water Pooling

Water pooling occurs when water cannot saturate into the soil and instead forms a stagnant pool, which is a common occurrence in lawns not cared for by a North Dallas lawn care service. Many not engaging in Oak Lawn lawn care services or Casa View lawn maintenance services can find their lawns flooded for longer than average periods after heavy rainfall. Several reasons can cause this problem, including compacted soil, poor drainage, heavy clay soil, or low spots in the yard, which are common issues across the Dallas area when dealing with lawn care needs from Lake Highlands lawn services to old East Dallas lawn services.

Why It's Essential to Address Water Pooling

Any professional East Dallas Lawn care service and North Dallas lawn maintenance service will tell you that standing water can attract mosquitoes and rodents and encourage mold and algae growth, which is not good for the lawn's health. It can also damage the lawn's roots and cause the grass to die, leaving behind patches of brown or yellow grass. 


If the problem is minor, a Park Cities lawn care service and Highland Park lawn service use a dethatching tool as a quick fix. Dethatching removes compact dead grass and other debris that sits on top of the soil and is woven into the grass. Pulling up this excess material allows more air, nutrients, and water to penetrate the soil, encouraging better water flow. A manual dethatching rake is a common option for East Dallas lawn services, and University Park lawn maintenance services, like Premier Dallas Landscaping and requires manual work, and is usually only done in smaller areas. A power rake may be necessary for larger areas and can be found in the toolshed of most professional Old Lake Highlands lawn care service.

Low Spots

Low spots in the yard can also cause water pooling. Having a professional Lakewood lawn maintenance service in Dallas install French drain or another draining system, especially near your home, can help solve the problem. Grading your yard may also be necessary for an East Dallas lawn care service like Premier Dallas Landscaping to encourage water to flow away from your property.

Poor Drainage

If all else fails and the yard still feels spongy after dethatching, poor drainage may be the cause. Having a professional Oak Lawn lawn maintenance service add organic matter to the soil, like compost or organic mulches, can help amend the soil over time. In many cases an East Dallas lawn service may need to dig up lawns entirely and start from scratch to address the issues foundationally and correct the issues at their source. 


Water pooling can be a problematic issue for your yard's health. However, there are several ways to fix it, depending on the severity of the problem. It's essential to address the issue as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your lawn. In any case, consider contacting a professional lawn care service for assistance like Premier Dallas Landscaping, to take care of your East Dallas lawn service needs quickly, efficiently and in a way that ensures a green lawn year round.

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