Professional Lakewood Lawn Care & Landscaping Services for Iconic Dallas Residential Landscapes.

Lakewood is a quiet and picturesque neighborhood located just a short drive away from Downtown Dallas. The area is known for its stunning residential landscapes, which range from charming two-bedroom bungalows to grand estates in a variety of architectural styles. Maintaining these iconic Dallas landscapes can be a daunting task for homeowners, which is why Premier Dallas Landscaping has been providing professional lawn care and landscaping services to the residents of Lakewood for years.

Our comprehensive specialized Lakewood lawn care and maintenance services include lawn mowing, edging, bed maintenance, shrub and tree trimming, weed control, and lawn fertilization. We use only the highest quality equipment and adjust our mowing schedule according to the temperature and atmospheric conditions throughout the year. In addition, we offer customized lawn care plans to cater to the specific circumstances of the property and opinions of our patrons.

One of the key benefits of hiring a professional Lakewood lawn care service like Premier Dallas Landscaping is that it can save homeowners both time and money. Maintaining a beautiful lawn and landscape requires a significant amount of work, and attempting to do it yourself can lead to costly mistakes. By hiring professionals, homeowners can be confident that their lawn will be properly cared for and maintained throughout the year.

Premier Dallas Landscaping has the expertise and knowledge to perform a wide range of landscaping services, including flower bed edging and redefining services, as well as shaping hedges and shrubs to achieve the desired look. This is important because a maintained Lakewood landscape not only looks beautiful but can also be beneficial to local property values.


Specialized Lakewood Dallas Lawn Care Solutions

Another benefit of hiring Premier Dallas Landscaping is that we are familiar with all the weed species relevant to Lakewood, and we use a range of methods to control them, including pre-emergents, post-emergents, and selective herbicides. Weeds can quickly take over a Lakewood lawn and garden, and attempting to control them without proper knowledge and equipment can be a difficult and frustrating task.

Lawn fertilization is another key aspect towards maintaining a healthy full lawn, especially in the harsh Lakewood Summer climate. Specialists like Premier Dallas Landscaping, apply proportionally and maintain a controlled ratio of fertilizer for the individual acidity of Lakewood lawns. This helps control pests, while also increasing property value with a better looking landscape.

Lakewood's iconic Dallas residential landscapes require professional lawn care and landscaping services to keep them in top shape. Premier Dallas Landscaping offers a range of services tailored to the specific needs and preferences of our Lakewood lawn mowing and edging service clients, ensuring that their lawns and landscapes are healthy, beautiful, and well-maintained throughout the year. Our knowledgeable experts make sure that Lakewood homeowners can be confident that their landscapes, and their property values are in good hands.


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