Expert Dallas Full Service Landscaping

General yard work can transform the exterior of a home. Premier Dallas Landscaping has years of experience in providing professional lawn care services to both residential and commercial customers in Dallas and the surrounding areas.

 Spring Lawn Maintenance 

To keep your lawn looking its best, it needs maintenance throughout the year. Our team at Premier Dallas Landscaping provides annual trimming of shrubs and bushes, dethatching and fertilizing any sized yard, and removing dead plants and leaves from the yard and any garden beds during spring. 

Summer Lawn Care 

During summer, we offer fertilizing services for grass and irrigating gardens and lawns 1-2 times per week to keep them healthy and lush. 

Autumn Lawn Maintenance 

To prepare for autumn, we apply mulch to plant and garden beds, fertilize the grass if it has not been done during the summer, lay mulch, rake fallen leaves, and remove any leaves from the yard. 

Winter Lawn Care 

We provide weed treatment to lawns, prune trees and shrubs, and remove fallen branches and leaves during winter to ensure that your lawn looks great throughout the year. 

Dethatching and Lawn Aeration 

Dethatching, also called power raking, removes accumulated dead and decomposing grass, known as thatch. We recommend dethatching at least once per year to bring the lawn’s vibrancy back after the harsh winter temperatures subside. Lawn aeration is also an important service we offer to promote root growth, break up thick layers of thatch, encourage efficient fertilizing and watering, enrich the surface of the soil, and reduce water run-off. We suggest aerating a yard at least once every year. 

Leaf Removal Service 

Although leaves fall during all seasons of the year, trees lose most of their leaves during autumn, specifically near the onslaught of winter. Raking leaves out of the grass and garden beds can keep your yard in tip-top shape for spring. After one of our professional technicians rakes the leaves, he will bag them for disposal. While not necessary, this service is usually paired with mowing the grass. The average yard only needs to be raked 1-2 each month during autumn.

Lawn Watering 

At Premier Dallas Landscaping, we can create a lawn care schedule that works with a customer’s mowing day and local watering regulations. Typically, a yard should be watered three times per week for approximately 20 minutes each time, depending on the type of watering method and equipment. One of our skilled technicians can determine what watering technique is best for your property. 


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